Diversity & Inclusion Training

This program equips participants with the skills to understand the basic concepts of diversity: definitions,
terms, and behavioral changes that foster valuing diversity and inclusion. They will take part in practical exercises, and explore how stereotypes are formed and the negative impact they can have on relationships. Participants leave with the confidence and skills to engage in meaningful conversations around the issues of diversity.

Each module builds on learning outcomes from the previous one and can be presented in 2-hour timeframes. Completion of all modules culminates with the Diversity Focus Cultural Competency Certification.

Module Module Title Description
One Case for Diversity Creates a sense of urgency for developing cultural competency. Why understanding diversity is important.
Two What is Diversity, Really? Defining terms relating to diversity
Three Awareness Building Identifies the nature of different dimensions of diversity. How generalizations & stereotypes are formed
Four Understanding Cultural Competency Interactive sessions implementing new skills
Five Creating Inclusive Environments Closer look at seemingly harmless behaviors
Six Valuing Generations Recognizing issues and situations that may be influenced by generational differences
Seven Respecting Individual Differences Identifies ways to create respectful environments
Eight Completion & Certification Interactive sessions highlighting key points of the program. Acknowledgement of participant achievements
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