Radio Moments

Have you heard?

Diversity Focus recently launched five meaningful stories that you’ll hear on your local radio. You can listen to them here or on your local radio stations KCCK 88.3, KDAT 104.5, KHAK 98.1,, WMT-AM 600, and WMT-FM Mix 96.5.

Diversity Radio Moment: “First Impressions”

What kind of response does hearing a person with an accent elicit in you? Many of us automatically form a negative opinion when we have to work just a little harder to understand the English-with-an-accent spoken by someone we’re meeting for the first time. Based purely upon their accent, we file this person under “different from us”. And, for far too many of us, different equals “bad.”

Our differences bring variety and uniqueness – in perspectives, ideas, and understanding to the workplace. Innovations and solutions to problems brought about by those very differences are what propel us forward to success in our businesses and communities.

Listen to this Diversity Radio Moment to discover one more reason you should SHIFT the way you see the people around you.

Diversity Radio Moment: “Business Sense”

The face of our community is changing. In truth, it’s not a face at all. It’s “faces.” Whether or not you recognize that as a business owner is critical in finding and maintaining success. As our community make-up evolves, so too, does your customer base.

In order to achieve long-term success as a business owner, you need to stay attuned to who your customer base has been, who it is now, and anticipate who it will be down the road. Diversity Focus offers resources and training programs to equip you with the tools to adapt and realize long-term success in your business.

Diversity Radio Moment: “Source of Growth”

In the next decade, population projections predict a significant growth from the now minority Latin-American demographic. Don’t think they’re talking about our community? These predictions identify urban areas just like the Corridor as locations to see this growth.

Inclusivity doesn’t just happen. It’s up to us all to build it. The best way to get that done is with the hands of all kinds.

Clearly, the make-up of minority and majority will shift in the next decade. Make now the time to SHIFT the way we see the people around us.

Diversity Radio Moment: “Life Outside of Work”

You probably only think of differences in terms of how people differ from you and how other places differ from the place you call home. Have you ever thought about how difficult relocating might be for someone whose community is very different from the Corridor?

An area business may have just found their perfect candidate for a job opening and someone outside of our community may have just found his or her dream job. But, their home is there. And their dream job is here. While you might not be able to imagine relocating from the Corridor, there are people who visit the Corridor considering relocation and have doubts about whether they can find comfort and happiness in this community.

Let Diversity Focus help you SHIFT the way you see the people around you. Together, we can build an inclusive community that appeals to and sustains all people as a place to call home.

Diversity Radio Moment: “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”

This Corridor is an example of growing commerce and increasing and diverse employment opportunities. But, how do we fare in embracing diversity outside of the workplace?

Do you ever find yourself distancing from or staring at people who are different from you? That little look, small step away, or tightening grip on your handbag can have a big impact. The ways in which individuals and families are treated in stores, schools and by law enforcement impact whether we’re able to retain new members of our community and workforce.

Take away the unfamiliar and find comfort in the presence of difference by learning more about people and the resources available from Diversity Focus. We can help SHIFT the way we see other people.

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