Programs & Services

Diversity Focus is available to provide training to your organization either at your location or at the Diversity Focus office. Click here to learn more or to request diversity training.

SHIFT* Speaker Series

  • SHIFT Series - renowned speakers that will SHIFT how you think about diversity, challenge what you know about it and leave you with a new sense of the future and the global perspective that will be a requirement for success in the future.

Student Leadership Series

  • LENS - LENS Student Leadership Series is a collaboration between Diversity Focus and partnering organizations to promote after-school and summer programs for high school students in Iowa’s Creative Corridor. The goal of the series is to eliminate the achievement gap of our future leaders by sharing experiences, knowledge, and developing skills. Includes multiple partner events, Diversity Focus events, and Diversity Focus Student Leadership Conference.


  • Diversity & Inclusion Eight 2-hour modules at Diversity Focus office or your organization as requested. These two-hour modules build on learning outcomes from the previous module and culminate with Diversity Focus Diversity & Inclusion Certification.

Other Comprehensive Resources

  • FINDIT! - An online resource where new employees can find everything from local personal grooming providers, to houses or worship, to lifestyle groups with everything in between. Findit! is also a repository of ethnic services, diversity resources and opportunities. Current information includes 300 services, organizations and institutions with new entities added daily.
  • Ambassador Program - Matches new employees or community member (and family if requested) with existing community members who volunteer to help and individual and or family get acclimated and oriented to the area, access services and resources, share the history and culture of the region along with other information and interaction identified by the candidate.
  • Radio Moments - Diversity Focus recently launched five meaningful stories that you’ll hear on your local radio. You can listen to them here or on your local radio stations KCCK 88.3, KDAT 104.5, KHAK 98.1,, WMT-AM 600, and WMT-FM Mix 96.5.


  • Contact Diversity Focus on how we can help your group or organization.
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