What is Diversity Focus?

The purpose of Diversity Focus is to engage in the promotion and enhancement of diversity in the communities of Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, Iowa and surrounding areas, known as the Technology Corridor.

Diversity Focus is a nonprofit organization with the following goals:

  • Communication - Promote awareness, inclusion and that diversity is welcomed, necessary, and valued in the community.
  • Connecting people - Connect new and not so new people to diverse and ethnic resources, information, products and services
  • Programming - Advance new ideas and opportunities through interactive programs to enhance diversity and inclusion within our community.

What is a "Crash Dialogue?"

"Crash Dialogue" is a program where you will view the Academy Award winning film Crash. After the movie you will be led by trained facilitators into an open discussion with small groups about the status of diverse relations and personal biases. The program runs approximately four hours.

What is Diversity & Inclusion/Cultural Competency Training?

8 2-hour modules at Diversity Focus office or your organization as requested. These two-hour modules build on learning outcomes from the previous module and culminate with Diversity Focus Cultural Competency Certification.

How can I support Diversity Focus?

Become a sponsor by clicking on the Sponsors tab on the main or side toolbar and sign up!

What are your hours of operation?

Our hours of operation are M-F/8-5

How can I get copies on the Inclusive Communities Magazine?

You can click the PDF link on the Inclusive Communities listing on our Programs page and print one out or give us a call at (319) 363-3707 and request a number of magazines and if we have them in stock we can set those aside for you.

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