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Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Corridor & Statewide Resources

  • Cultural Centers at U of I The Centers are staffed by a graduate student and several college work-study students. Contact the center for its hours of operations and sponsored programs.
  • ImpactCR! LinkaGoGo is a Chamber group that combines the energy and coordinates the strategic visions of both Access Iowa and the Next Generation Commission by, connecting, engaging and empowering young talent in the Cedar Rapids area to ensure the long term advancement of the community.
  • Community Hands is dedicated to addressing the service gapsfor deaf, hard-of-hearing, and aging deaf people. We partner with individuals, corporations, and organizations to develop programs that educate, advocate and provide resources, services and enriching activities. Community Hands actively seeks out opportunities within the Deaf community where needs and gaps in services exist, and explores ways to creatively meet those needs.
  • Diversity FocusCircle LinkaGoGo is a non-profit organization devoted to enhancing the diversity and inclusion within the Cedar Rapids – Iowa City corridor.
  • Diversity Resources at Iowa State multiple links to the diversity related web pages on the ISU website. Such as Iowa State University's official web page on diversity and diversity events and Information about the newly formed diversity committee.
  • Going Global in Iowa customized, interactive workshops to help you and your organization develop cross-cultural knowledge to sucessfully serve an international population.
  • Jane Elliott Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes - Riceville, IA, lesson in racism is a site that explains the Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes experiment in great detail.
  • Heartland Area Education Agency Diversity Links & Resources LinkaGoGo offers cultural competency training and a myriad of on-line links to local and national diversity resources.
  • International Women’s Club (U of I) is a group of women from around the world who meet to share activities that promote friendship and understanding. Some of the activities include English classes; coffee, cooking, and craft groups, excursions; and special events.
  • Iowa Mosaic Conference is a yearly event that is held in the U.S. that is a packed day full of speakers and workshops all pertaining to diversity related topics.
  • New Iowan Center offers workforce development services to persons who have recently moved to Iowa and are seeking employment.
  • Pew Hispanic Center (Profile of Hispanics in Iowa) contains demographic and economic facts about the Hispanic and non-Hispanic populations in the state of Iowa.
  • Women's Resource & Action Center at The University of Iowa is a diverse community dedicated to fostering women's individual empowerment and systemic solutions to all forms of oppression. The Center leads and collaborates on projects that serve UI students, staff, faculty, and the greater community.
  • Unlimited Work Opportunities an organization that was established to provide direct community employment opportunities for people of varying backgrounds and skill sets.

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National Diversity Resources

  • Professional & Technical Diversity Network (PTDN) is a resource that connects individuals, community organizations and employers in order to support the growth of a diverse workforce by holding multiple gatherings within the community and teaching others about technology.
  • Center for Linguistic and Cultural Competency in Health Care The mission of CLCCHC is to collaborate with federal agencies and other public and private entities to enhance the ability of the health care system to effectively deliver linguistically appropriate and culturally competent health care to limited English-speaking populations. This link is to various cultural competency trainings available online and free of charge to healthcare professionals.
  • Association of Diversity Councils LinkaGoGo is a site where they offer awards for diversity councils/organizations that are leaders within there own community.
  • Diversity Assessment Tool for Healthcare - American Hospital Association offers a Toolkit for Collecting Race, Ethnicity and Primary Language Information From Patients with and without a language barrier.
  • Diversity Central - Resources for Cultural Diversity at Work offers a great amount of resources on questions about diversity and how to answer them correctly. Also gives a good amount of resources to use for diversity related topics/problems in the work place.
  • Diversity Inc Magazine Online is a good resource that offers many articles, tips and advice pertaining to diversity. They Also send out weekly E-newsletters relating to diversity around the globe.
  • Diversity Search LinkaGoGo offers a list of multicultural organizations and groups all around the U.S.
  • Diversity Jobs LinkaGoGo offers links, e-newsletters, resources and jobs for people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Eliminating Racial & Ethnic Disparities American HospitalAssociation LinkaGoGo offers resources, examples and tools for Hospitals.
  • EEOC E-RACE Initiative Eradicating Racism And Colorism from Employment is designed to improve EEOC’s efforts to ensure workplaces are free of race and color discrimination.
  • FCC Diversity Resource Directory Federal Communication Commission is intended to be a one-stop resource for industry executives, human resources personnel, and/or employees to go to for assistance in recruitment efforts, or in development of a program that will enhance development of a company's human capital.
  • Hubbard & Hubbard Inc Measure the impact of your diversity initiatives and improve your organizational performance using the Hubbard & Hubbard business experts.
  • Inclusive Communities Resource Guide from the National League of Cities LinkaGoGo gives information on cities form all over the U.S. and gives you a link to that cities official website.
  • KnowledgeStart is a high-impact employee development company who, for the past eight years, has specialized in Workplace Development Training for its U.S. and global clients.
  • MDB Group Business Aligned Diversity & Inclusion Strategy LinkaGoGo help you incorporate diversity into you business strategy.
  • The Multicultural Advantage Diversity Libraries & Resources LinkaGoGo is a site that offers job postings, allows people to post jobs, and offers grants, scholarships, loans for minorities.
  • National Education Association Diversity Resources LinkaGoGo advocate for education professionals and to unite our members and the nation to fulfill the promise of public education to prepare every student to succeed in a diverse and interdependent world.
  • National Hispanic Institute provides Latino families, nationally and internationally, with private experiences on American college and university campuses that are specially designed to advance the educational aspirations of thousands of high school age Latino youth.
  • Prism Diversity Training is a WBENC certified, full-service provider of innovative, proven consulting services and training programs and products.
  • Speak Out Now helps the thinkers, writers, speakers and artists of our day inspire youth to raise our consciousness and transform a fractured world with conferences and workshops.
  • Tanenbaum - Moving Beyond Differences a secular, non-sectarian organization - they work to reduce and prevent the violence perpetrated in the name of religion by supporting religious peacemakers who struggle in areas of armed conflict and by overcoming religious intolerance in workplaces and schools.
  • The Working Group Diversity Training Resources LinkaGoGo is an Oakland-based non-profit media company that combines television, internet and web resources with outreach and organizing efforts in the areas of workplace issues; race, diversity and the battle against intolerance; and encouraging democracy and citizen participation.
  • WorkPlaceDiversity.com is the premier source for Corporate Recruiters who are seeking experienced diverse talent. Our goal is to create a connection between companies that support diversity and experienced, distinct candidates by providing one location for recruiters to post open positions.


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