Diversity and Inclusion Curriculum Development

Request for Proposals (RFP)

About Us – Diversity Focus is a non-profit organization devoted to enhancing the diversity of the Cedar Rapids – Iowa City Corridor. The goals of the organization are:

  • Communication – To promote awareness and the idea that diversity is valued
  • Information Clearinghouse – To create a resource center that leverages the many products, capabilities and work of organizations supporting diversity
  • Program Enhancement - To advance new ideas and opportunities to build a more diverse community

About This RFP Diversity Focus is soliciting proposals from qualified individuals to develop a Diversity and Inclusion curriculum directed at educators and retailers. The consultant will create the curriculum in accordance with the pre-developed framework established by Diversity Focus. Curriculum must consist of 8 two-hour modules for a total of 16 hours for each targeted audience. Any curriculum developed becomes the sole property of Diversity Focus.

Submission Information – Proposals for curriculum consultant are due by Monday, April 18, 2011. Proposals will be reviewed by a subcommittee and you will be notified by May 2, 2011 of its acceptance.

Acceptance of your RFP is an agreement that you will develop the diversity and inclusion curriculum for both targeted audiences. If you have questions during the RFP process, please contact Diversity Focus at 319-363-3707 or gro.sucofytisrevid|ytisrevid#gro.sucofytisrevid|ytisrevid.

All proposers should provide the following information in their proposal:

  1. Title Page containing:
    1. RFP
    2. Name of Individual, company, or educational institution
    3. Address and Telephone Numbers
    4. Name of contact person
    5. Submission date
  2. Approach to be utilized in creating the curriculum.
  3. Resume or company profile and description of the individual or firm's related education, experience, background, and credentials demonstrating technical competence in working on curricula. Description of experience in working with diverse populations.
  4. References (names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses) from previous related projects.
  5. Project timeline showing activities, milestones, consultation meetings with Diversity Focus, and communication with Diversity Focus on the progress of the project.
  6. Sample work from previous projects.
  7. Detailed budget (for purchase of media)
  8. Any other information that you feel is relevant to your proposal.

Selection Criteria
Selection and acceptance of a proposal will be based upon two factors:

A.Technical Criteria

  • Experience in creating diversity and inclusion curriculum
  • Relevant professional education qualifications
  • Demonstration of ability to write clearly, concisely, coherently and accurately, as measured in samples submitted of past work.
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively manage a project of this score including meeting deadlines, meeting contract expectation, and timely reporting to the Director of Programs.
  • Approach to the project.

B. Fee

  • Price is also a factor that will be considered and will be evaluated in comparison with overall merit of proposals. Technical merit is more important than price, and the Diversity Focus reserves the right to award to other than the lowest priced proposer. As proposals become more equal in technical merit, the importance of price will increase.

Please send proposals by Monday, April 18, 2011 to:

Diversity and Inclusion Curriculum Development Committee
c/o Diversity Focus
222 2nd Street SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

Or via fax: 319.363.4095 or e-mail: gro.sucofytisrevid|ytisrevid#gro.sucofytisrevid|ytisrevid

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