Color of Money - Retail Series

This Event is Cancelled

Please join us for the final 2012 SHIFT Speaker Series Luncheon, featuring Michael Soon Lee Register Here

The Color of Money is a new series inviting retail employees, managers, business owners and other individuals interested in improving their marketing and sales skills to gain insight and tips on business practices that will help create a more welcoming and diverse place to live and work.

September 13, 2012
7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
Michael Soon Lee
Cedar Rapids Marriott Hotel

Michael Soon Lee is a marketing guru who is the leading expert in selling to people from diverse cultures. He is president of and has written five books on selling to multicultural customers. Michael has spoken around the world on the subject of selling to multicultural customers for over 14 years.

Michael Soon Lee will discuss how your business can attract and retain multicultural customers, how multicultural customers view, buy, sell and trade products, and what your business can do to expand in a global marketplace.

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Watch Michael Soon Lee speak:

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