Black Business Month

It's not easy being a black business owner. Black business owners carry the stereotype of not being professional, not completing a job, or a poor job will be done. It has nothing to do with race; it has everything to do with what kind of business owner the person is. It can't be denied that these characteristics frustrate customers, but no business is perfect and to place these traits on one race in business is just flat out short sighted. Another, unfair circumstance is the margin of error allowed. The majority of black consumers practice a stringent "no mistakes on my money policy" with black owned businesses. All right, you got poor service at one black owned business. That's not a good reason to turn your back on all of them.

In an attempt to get attention to the needs of black entrepreneurs, Frederick Jordan partnered with John William Templeton, President and Executive Editor of eAccess Corp, to have August recognized as National Black Business Month. Jordan and Templeton chose August because it was the month that most black family and social events occur.

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