Diversity Focus Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program Description


What makes a house feel like a home or a city feel like a community? People! The Diversity Focus Ambassador program is all about connecting you to others in order to enrich and diversify the community. You can take part in building a vibrant, intriguing and engaging community through the Diversity Focus Ambassador program. Through the Diversity Focus Ambassador program Newcomers (and families if requested) are matched with community members who volunteer to help Newcomers get acclimated and oriented to the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area. Ambassadors may share information about the history and culture of the region. Some may choose to share a meal with a Newcomer as well as assist him or her with:

  • Finding personal and specialized services unique to each person or families’ need.
  • Connecting to churches, civic organizations, or other community organizations.
  • Locating places to shop or go for entertainment.
  • Attending a festival or community event.
  • Discovering the community’s “hidden gems”, like identifying great places to walk the dog, ride bikes, ice skate, or watch fireworks.

Benefits of having a Diversity Focus Ambassador

  • Meet someone that is familiar with the area’s customs, attractions and services.
  • Learn about community services, organizations, government, and educational entities.
  • Get connected to the clubs, service organizations, and neighborhood associations.
  • Find out where to shop, exercise, eat, socialize, and more.

What should I expect after I obtain a Diversity Focus Ambassador?

  • Most likely, your ambassador will meet you and/or your family. You may choose to share a meal with your ambassador.
  • Regular telephone or email contact during the first six months or longer if desired.
  • You might even attend a community event or social function with your Ambassador.
  • Diversity Focus will ask you to report on whether or not you continue to meet with the Newcomer at the end of each quarter.

Are other resources available to learn about the community?

  • Yes! You are invited to research Diversity Focus’ on-line resource, Findit! ,to obtain information about the area’s foods, worship, personal care, socializing, and other services.

Interested in becoming an Ambassador to Newcomers?

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