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Many organizations in our community support diversity. However, our communities will progress and grow more quickly if we work together to draw from the vast cultural experiences we have here, in eastern Iowa, and look to other areas of the country and world to expand our focus.

To spearhead this activity, Diversity Focus was proposed and then established in 2005 as a new entity to integrate and coordinate existing efforts as well as identify or create other activities and programs.

Diversity Focus Vision: Diversity is the crucial link to economic, cultural, academic, and technological success. Diversity Focus' vision is that the Corridor community be the model of inclusion that values, nurtures, attracts, and retains people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs.

The mission of Diversity Focus is to lead in the promotion of diversity, cultural awareness and inclusion in our Corridor community.


The world is flat, as author Thomas Friedman says. Ideas and customs move across the world almost seamlessly now. At Diversity Focus, we welcome the challenge to highlight the diversity we have right here and use it to help the community grow and embrace the future.

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